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Human Resources

We develop professionals to lead the world.

Our asset is the group of professionals endowed with proven skills and expertise.We develop human resources that are needed by the world.

Global Education System

The Sankyu Group has established training programs to develop outstanding technicians, and every year, we regularly host trainees from around Asia. Trainees who have completed their training are actively involved as important staff members at overseas businesses, fully demonstrating their acquired skills.

Meister Program

The title of "Meister" is conferred on technicians who have outstanding skills and expertise in logistics or plant engineering/installation services, and who can serve as a role model for other employees in terms of their personal character. Meisters play an active role as Sankyu "craftsmen" in job performance and the development of successors. (Accredited: 27, Currently active: 16)

Skills Lucubration

Sankyu Finishing Skills Competition

The Sankyu Finishing Skills Competition is held for the purpose of improving " nishing" skills, which are important in plant construction and maintenance, as well as to broaden the circle of professionals and to pass on skills to successors. 30 competitors are selected from Sankyu's branches and aliates across Japan. The competition is an opportunity for the competitors to vie their skills against each other, and for them to experience other excellent skills and to cultivate their own.

Sankyu Welding Skills Competition

The Sankyu Group has held a company-wide skills competition since 1965 for the purpose of cultivating the skill of "welding," which is a fundamental ability in our business. Starting in 2008, we will hold the "Sankyu Global Welding Skills Competition" at which workers from our overseas aliates can also participate. The aim of the competition is to develop human resources that are able to deal with the global business operations of the group. We hope to transcend national borders and link the world using Sankyu's skills and abilities.

Skills Development

Sankyu runs a systematic 3-year development program for its technical staff, aimed at developing specialized, professional technicians. The focus of the program is on the early development of staff to support Sankyu's future technology. The program involves the acquisition of basic technology and knowledge required for the group's plant engineering and installation services, the formation of a positive attitude appropriate for technical staff, the learning of "discipline" and "behavior and customs" appropriate as members of society, and the development of "human resources endowed with technology."

Sankyu Hirado Training Center

Established in 1968 in Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture (the birthplace of Sankyu's founder) to commemorate Sankyu's 50th anniversary. Training at different levels is conducted for all workers, including Sankyu Group employees. Success has been achieved in developing professionals able to perform with enriched humanity and great individuality.

East Japan & West Japan Human Resources Development Center

East Japan & West Japan Human Resources Development Center The aim of these centers is to cultivate a group of highly-trained skills and to develop advanced technicians able to deal with high technology. (Technology training, skills training, training to prepare for certified technician and various welding examinations, health and safety education, provision of facilities, and deployment of instructors.)

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